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Clinical Psychologist

The Advisory ND

Founded by Dr Emma Mahoney
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Our mission is to be a trusted partner for organisations on issues relating to neurodiversity.

We give organisations the skills to:

  • Attract, value, understand and support neurodiversity in the workforce.

  • Provide the conditions that allow neurodivergent people to thrive and reach their potential.

  • Make full use of the different thinking and approaches that neurodiversity brings, to maximise innovation and productivity.

Dr Emma Mahoney - The Advisory ND

What is Neurodiversity?

Every brain works differently.  Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of thinking, learning, and relating to other people that exists within the entire human species.

Differences in the human brain are natural and to be expected, in the same way that human beings vary in most other ways.  Neurodiversity means we have a range of insights, abilities, problem-solving approaches and creativity in the population.  It is essential for innovation and, if understood and supported well, unlocks potential for individuals and businesses.  This leads to increased wellbeing for individuals, healthy and well-functioning teams, and increased productivity for organisations.   

  • Specialist coaching for neurodivergent leaders

  • Identifiying candidates

  • Assessing training needs

  • Assisting with policies

  • Preparing training materials

  • Running training programmes

  • Coaching across the business

  • Advising on neuroinclusive work environments

  • Implementing systemic changes

The Advisory ND can help with:

Our Services

Consultancy Services

We help organisations to attract, recruit, support and promote neurodiversity in the workplace to unlock its huge value and maximise the business outcomes for all

Leadership Development

Providing senior leaders with the skills they need to shape their language, approach, values and culture with regard to neurodiversity within in their organisations

Specialist Coaching

For senior leaders who identify as neurodivergent or leading neurodiverse teams.  We provide a specialist, individualised approach based on +20 years of clinical experience

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